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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • Where do I clock in?
    • Report to the main office of the site you are assigned to for the day. A laptop and barcode scanner have been placed in each main office for you to clock-in. OR click on your site in the above accordion and click the button for your site to get to your correct clock in/clock out screen.
  • What if I do not have my badge?
    • Select “Use ID/PIN” to manually clock-in.
  • What is my ID and PIN for Frontline?
    • Use your personal phone number and PIN.
  • What if I clock-in early/late?
    • Frontline has been programmed to allow you to clock-in up to 10-minutes prior to the start of your shift, or up-to 7-minutes after the start of your shift. You may clock-out up to 7-minutes after the end of your shift. If outside of these alotments, please add a comment to provide an explanation so the Office Manager can adjust your timesheet accordingly.
  • Why does my timesheet reflect I’m 15 minutes late when I was only 8 minutes late?
    • Frontline automatically rounds your clock-in/clock-out time to 15 minute increments so it is important to clock in on-time. You have up to 7 minutes from the start of your shift to clock-in. If you clock-in later than 8 minutes from the start of your shift, your clock-in time will round up to the next quarter of an hour. For example: clocking in at 7:07 will round down to 7:00; clocking-in at 7:10 will round up to 7:15 and your pay may be adjusted. Please see your Office Manager for options.
  • What if I forget to clock-in or clock-out?
    • It is important to notify the Office Manager as soon as possible in the event that you do not clock in or clock out at the correct time so that your timesheet can be adjusted accordingly.
  • How do I view my timesheet?
    • You can view your timesheet in Frontline by toggling to Time & Attendance (formerly VeriTime).
  • How do I connect to Frontline with an iPad?
    • Frontline can be accessed only used the Google Chrome browser on an iPad.
  • Do I need to clock-in/out for lunch breaks?
    • No, your schedule includes a lunch break. You do not need to clock in/out for lunch.

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