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Responsible Use Policies - One-to-One Digital Learning



Student/Parent or Guardian Participation Agreement 

(Including Student Responsible Use Agreement for Using District-Owned Technology)

As part of the Encinitas Union School District’s commitment to innovation equity and the advancement of personalized learning for all students, we are pleased to provide our students with access to District-owned iPad devices (device) to engage in authorized learning at school and from off-campus locations. The District-owned device is for enhanced school-related learning, increasing productivity, greater access to the curriculum, conduct research, and engage in collaborative learning. It is not a replacement for any computers or other technology devices you own personally and is not for personal use.

Access to District-owned devices is provided to students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner. At the beginning of each new school year, students and their parents are required to initial the Mandatory Signature Sheet acknowledging acceptance of their responsibilities for using District-owned technology, as outlined in this One-to-One Digital Learning Program Student/Parent or Guardian Participation Agreement. This document needs to be understood and signed before the student is allowed access to a District-owned device or to the Internet at the school site.

Additionally, students are required to successfully complete the Encinitas Union School District’s introduction to Information Literacy, Safe, Ethical, and Legal Use Course. These courses are grade-level specific and are based on the learning requirements of the California Information Literacy Standards. The course is offered during the first 30 days of school and needs to be successfully completed within that time frame. Each grade level is provided their own set of learning objectives appropriate to their grade level. Below are the links to the overview of the program, and the content for each grade level. Feel free to go over the material at home anytime. This is the same material that will be officially provided at school and required of each student to show mastery.

Course LINKS and URLs: 

Overview of Program (http://bit.ly/EUSDAUPOVERVIEW

Kindergarten (http://bit.ly/EUSDAUPK )

First Grade  (http://bit.ly/EUSDAUP1)

Second Grade (http://bit.ly/EUSDAUP2 )

Third Grade (http://bit.ly/EUSDAUP3 )

Fourth Grade (http://bit.ly/EUSDAUP4 )

Fifth Grade  (http://bit.ly/EUSDAUP5 )

Sixth Grade (http://bit.ly/EUSDAUP6 )

Just as students are responsible for good behavior in a classroom and on school grounds, they must also be responsible when using District-owned iPad devices and computer networks. The above course materials provide the perspective, expectations, and rules we have of our students when using digital resources.

Any student violating these rules will result in specific, case-appropriate disciplinary action. If state and/or federal laws are violated, the proper law enforcement authorities may be notified. Disciplinary action for students shall be in accordance with existing discipline policies and may include suspension or expulsion in accordance with the laws of the State of California and EUSD policy.

Security and Safety

It is important to note that security and safety is a priority when using District-owned devices. Student activity on the network is monitored and any inappropriate activity, should it occur, is noted and sent automatically to the teacher and principal for corrective action. All teachers have been given training on Internet safety and appropriate use, and will communicate the expectations of use with their students.

EUSD provides students with a filtered and secure protected environment within the EUSD computer network as well as off-campus when using the district-assigned iPad. Monitoring internet use off-campus is the responsibility of the student and parent or guardian. Any inappropriate applications, documents, content, images, or sound-bites accessed and/or downloaded on the District-owned device at home then brought to school will be handled in accordance with our progressive discipline guidelines and with site principal discretion. 

Theft or Loss

If the device is lost or stolen on school property, report it immediately to the teacher and school site principal. For theft or loss off-campus, the device should also be reported to the local police department. A copy of the police report must be sent to the District within 48 hours of the discovery of the loss.

Upgrades and Troubleshooting

Should a District-owned device require servicing or upgrades that result in loss of access during school hours, a replacement will be issued at the school site.

Software Licensing

The District-owned device will be configured with a standard suite of application programs that are appropriate for student use. A grade level suite of appropriate applications will be provided as well. It is also possible that other applications will be provided by the District after they have been cleared by the application approval process. Software or applications that have not gone through the district approval process are not allowed.


While using District-owned devices on or near school property, in vehicles and buses, at school-sponsored activities, as well as off-campus, each student must act in an appropriate manner consistent with school, District, and legal guidelines. It is the duty of school personnel and the student’s parent or guardian to educate the student about his/her responsibilities for the usage of District-owned devices and to communicate those expectations when using a device. The student and parent or guardian must then acknowledge their acceptance for usage by signing the Mandatory Signature Sheet, indicating they have read and accepted all terms included in this One-to-One Digital Learning Program Student/Parent or Guardian Participation Agreement.

It is the responsibility of students and their parents/guardians to take appropriate precautions to prevent damage to, or loss/theft of, District-owned devices in their care. The student and their parent or guardian will be held responsible for costs to repair or replace the device if the damage or loss is due to negligence or intentional misconduct. Policies for appropriate use of District property as identified in the EUSD Board of Trustees Policies and Regulations, which can be viewed on the District website, may be used to determine whether liability is due to negligent behavior.

There are battery requirements associated with iPad usage. Batteries in the iPads should hold at least a 4-hour charge. Charging capability and opportunity during the school day will be limited. Therefore, once the device is approved for home usage, students are strongly encouraged to charge their device nightly. Students coming to school with limited battery charge may face interruption or limited mobility with their iPad usage. Students needing a charger to use at home should make arrangements to check one out with their classroom teacher. Parents are financially responsible for the cost of the charger if it is lost or damaged at home.

Consequences of Misuse and/or Violation of the Provision of this Agreement

Misuse of District-owned technology devices on or near school property, in school vehicles and buses, at school-sponsored activities, as well as off-campus, may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from schools in the District. This Agreement shall be used in conjunction with the EUSD Board of Education policies, California Education Code, and other local, state, and federal laws and regulations governing the applicable matter.

Students, parents, and guardians shall recognize that the nature of the use of District-owned devices and technology resources extends outside of the school itself and into off-campus locations, such as homes. The District’s jurisdiction to enforce student behavior and discipline policies and rules shall apply whether the misuse or violation is at school or away from school, as long as the District’s technology resources are being used for inappropriate behavior. It is important to note that if a student uses a personal device that is not district-issued from home or school that causes a substantial disruption of the school learning environment, disciplinary and legal action could become relevant.

Limitation of Liability

EUSD or its administrators, teachers, school sites, or Board of Trustees shall not be responsible for any damages suffered by the student, including those arising from non-deliveries, service interruptions, unauthorized use, loss of data, and exposure to potentially harmful or inappropriate material or people. Use of any information obtained via the Internet or communications technologies is at the student’s own risk. EUSD specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through the Internet. The District assumes no liability for personal technology, including computers, smartphones, network access devices, or other electronic signaling devices, if such devices are damaged, lost, or stolen. The student and his/her parent and/or guardian shall indemnify and hold EUSD harmless from any losses sustained as the result of the use or misuse of the District’s technology resources by the student.

Compliance With Children’s Internet Protection Act 2001 (CIPA)

In accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), we need parent permission for students under 13 to use some of the online tools, including Google Drive. Google Drive is used for educational purposes only and all data will be private*. Google Drive may be used by your student to create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Students will be using Powerschool* for turning in assignments, taking tests, and participating in class discussions.

Terms of use for District-owned technology devices are as follows:

The device is the property of EUSD. The technology resources shall only be used to access educational information and to promote learning activities both at school and home, including the facilitation of communication between the home and school. It is only for the use of the student to whom it is assigned.

Students will use only their password to access the Internet and will not knowingly give one’s password to others or use another person’s password. Students are never to access another student’s, teacher’s, principal’s or anyone else’s account within any application program. 

The device will be issued to each student at the beginning of the school year and students will return their District-owned device during extended school holidays and at the end of the school year.

The device must be at school during regularly scheduled school days in order to be utilized by the student, and used in the classroom for the purpose of accessing and completing school-related work. The student will be responsible to transport the device to and from school in a safe and secure manner.

The device may be taken home or to other locations outside of school hours by the student at the discretion of the classroom teacher. The student and their parent or guardian, however, is responsible, at all times, for the care and appropriate use of the device. Proper use of the case is required for all District- owned devices. Students using a District-owned technology device who travel outside the United States will need permission from the school site principal and the District IT department before the device is permitted to leave the country.