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2016-2019 Family Engagement Film Series

The Encinitas Union School District will be providing a series of family engagement information “…in a SNAP!” in video format, as part of the school year’s Family Engagement Series. Below is the library of videos that are being created by our own EUSD students.

Date Video Topic Video Link Hosted By:
December, 2019 Student Absenteeism Student Absenteeism ECC 4th Grade Mrs. Cohen’s Class
September, 2019 Healthy Class Celebrations Healthy Class Celebrations ECC 4th Grade Mrs. Cohen’s Class
June, 2019 Summer Opportunities 2019! EUSD’s Summer Opportunities for Families District Office
May, 2019 TRAC at EUSD… in a SNAP! TRAC Program at EUSD PDL and ME Film Guild
April, 2019 CAASPP Testing in a SNAP! CAASPP Testing Preparation Capri Film Guild
March, 2019 Meaningful Math …in a SNAP! Meaningful Math
OK Film Guild
February, 2019 EUSD Green Initiatives …in a SNAP! EUSD Green Initiatives
Spanish Translation of video
Capri/OPE/OK Film Guild
December/January, 2019 EUSD Libraries …in a SNAP! EUSD Libraries
Spanish Translation of video
EUSD Film Guild
November, 2018 THE EUSD App… in a SNAP! THE EUSD App
Spanish Translation of video
La Costa Heights Film Guild
October, 2018
Screen Time Short
Screen Time Full
Screen Time Short Video
Screen Time Full Video
Spanish Translation of video
Mission Estancia 4th Grade Students,
Mrs. Ferguson
April/May, 2018 How to Prepare for CAASPP How to Prepare for CAASPP Capri Film Guild Students
March, 2018 EUSD’s Daylit Schools EUSD’s Daylit Schools Mission Estancia 1st Grade Students
February, 2018 Speak UP ~ Project Tomorrow Speak UP ~ Project Tomorrow Flora Vista 6th Grade Students
January, 2018 EUSD Farm Lab ~ Design Thinking EUSD Farm Lab ~ Design Thinking La Costa Heights Film Guild Students
December, 2017 Logging Students into PowerSchool at Home Logging Students into PowerSchool at Home Mission Estancia STAR Tech Students
November, 2017 Logging into TenMarks at Home Logging into TenMarks at Home Mission Estancia Film Guild Students
October, 2017 Logging into Digital Programs at Home Combined: MyOn, IL, ST Math, PS, iReady, & IXL District Office
September, 2017 PowerSchool… in a SNAP PowerSchool… in a SNAP La Costa Heights FG Students
June, 2017 NGSS… in a SNAP NGSS… in a SNAP La Costa Heights FG Students
March/April, 2017 CAASPP Testing “…in a SNAP!” CAASPP Testing in a SNAP Capri’s STAR Tech Students
February, 2017 iPad Tips for Home Use”…in a SNAP!” iPad Tips in a SNAP Olivenhain Pioneer’s STAR Tech Students
January, 2017 iBoss iPad Home Filtering”…in a SNAP!” iBoss Filtering in a SNAP Mission Estancia’s 5th Grade STAR Tech Students
December, 2016 Math Progress Check for Parents “…in a SNAP!” Math Progress Check Park Dale Lane Elementary STAR Tech Students
November, 2016 World Ready Traits “…in a SNAP!” World Ready Traits Ocean Knoll Elementary STAR Tech Students
October, 2016 Signing onto Clever “…in a SNAP!” Clever in a SNAP Mission Estancia Elementary 6th Grade STAR Techs