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Health & Wellness

Leslie Wright
Coordinator of Enrichment Programs

Health and Wellness Program

The Encinitas Union School District’s program goals for Health and Wellness center on improving student health and wellness and providing students with techniques, habits and training for life-long health and wellness. The focus areas will be implemented through activities ON the Mat, THROUGH my Actions, OUT in the Garden and IN the Kitchen. The following resources provide an overview of the district’s Health and Wellness program:

ON the Mat

The "ON the Mat” component helps students focus, move, and relax. Students learn how to connect their breath to movement and increase their ability to self-manage. Both physical education standards and socio-emotional standards drive the lessons. The program balances physical movements with character education; structure with adaptability; and rigor with fun. 

THROUGH my Actions

The “THROUGH my Actions” program is organized around questions of inquiry that support character development. Each session starts with a question of inquiry, to help students make connections to ideas about the EUSD World Ready Traits and Skills. This design brings together physical education standards and socio-emotional standards in a play-based, physical environment.

IN the Kitchen

"In the kitchen” students will expand their nutritional knowledge and develop skills to lead a healthy lifestyle.  As students learn to prepare healthy meals, they will increase their confidence about food preparation and be inspired to make healthy choices for years to come.

OUT in the Garden

“Out in the Garden", otherwise known as an outdoor classroom, students deepen the understanding of lessons learned in the classroom, develop life skills, participate in science experiments, and take part in growing (and tasting!) a wide array of healthful food choices.