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Information Technology

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Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Information Technology page of the Encinitas Union School District website. We strive to provide the best in technology related resources, tools, and services to augment the teaching and learning experiences of our students. Enhancing instruction is our goal, and engaging the hearts and minds of our children and teachers by utilizing a broad scope of technology resources is paramount to that goal.

We currently support over 6,000 computing devices across 11 sites in classrooms, labs, media centers, libraries and offices. Information Technology isn’t just about computers, as we also support approximately 700 wireless access points, switches, 325 networked printers, projectors, document cameras, tablets, phones, and countless other digital devices. The Information Technology department also maintains the system infrastructure needed to support the entire district. This includes our communications infrastructure (telecommunications, emergency broadcasts, voice over IP systems), inventory management, data management (backup, restoration, redundancy), virtual-machine servers, software, Internet and Intranet services, system security and content filtering. With 4300+ iPads already in the hands of students, our 1-to-1 computing devices-to-students initiative has been realized. Working hand-in-hand with Educational Services, the dynamic engagement approach that utilizing technology allows at an individual level, provides a unique experience that caters to every child’s learning needs, and goes beyond a one-size-fits all mindset with our approach to education. It is amazing to witness students learning fundamentals as they sit side-by-side via a digital curriculum that can adapt on-the-fly to their unique pace and learning style, providing them insight, opportunities, and greater accessibility to information, as well as in-depth progress reports to instructors that would have been considered nothing short of science-fiction only years ago. We pride ourselves on taking part in the impact that we are making in preparing these young minds of tomorrow.

We are committed to always putting children first in the Encinitas Union School District. Thank you for visiting.

Nathan Short, MBA, BSCE
Director, Information Technology

If you are staff in need of assistance, please utilize our Web Help Desk (http://helpdesk.eusd.net) for all service related issues.

Nathan Short Director, Information Technology x1170 nathan.short(at)eusd.net
Matt Schroeder Network Administrator/Systems Administrator x1171 matthew.schroeder(at)eusd.net
Andrew Smith Data Analyst x1172 andrew.smith(at)eusd.net
Kerri Kantor Information Systems Technician II x1174 kerri.kantor(at)eusd.net
Josh Dreazy Information Systems Technician II x1177 joshua.dreazy(at)eusd.net
Christian Cossio Information Systems Technician x1178 christian.cossio(at)eusd.net
Kristin Steinike Information Systems Technician x1173


Vacant Information Systems Technician x1179  

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