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Administrative Services

Our Vision

Administrative Services provides a variety of important functions for the Encinitas Union School District. We recognize that in order to realize our vision of excellence for the students of the Encinitas Union School District, we need to attract and retain the very best teachers, administrators and support staff. In conjunction with the Educational Services Department, Administrative Services is charged with employee development and training programs for all employees within the organization. In addition, this department handles employee benefits, job classification analysis and review, and employee recognitions. Administrative Services maintains employee records, works toward competitive and comprehensive salary and benefits plans for all employee groups. Administrative Services negotiates employee contracts with two employee associations – the Teachers of Encinitas (TOE) and the Classified of Encinitas (COE) Encinitas Union School District.

The Encinitas Union District currently employs approximately 380 certificated employees in management and teaching positions throughout the district as well as 250 classified employees to support our students’ instructional program. In accordance with the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), all of our classroom teachers are fully credentialed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and are designated as “highly qualified teachers” as defined by this federal legislation and only highly qualified paraprofessionals are hired as support personnel to assist our teachers.

Angelica Lopez

Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services
Angelica Lopez, Ed.D.

Information on Title IX 
Angelica Lopez Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services x1181 angelica.lopez(at)eusd.net
Dora Jones Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent x1181 dora.jones(at)eusd.net
Ashley Tarquin Teacher Induction Program Coordinator x1194 ashley.tarquin(at)eusd.net
Olga Pitarresi Human Resources/Benefits x1185 olga.pitarresi(at)eusd.net
Jane McGuigan Human Resources Specialist x1182 jane.mcguigan(at)eusd.net
Angie Sterling Human Resources Technician x1187 angie.sterling(at)eusd.net
Sandi Wamsley Human Resources Technician x1193 sandra.wamsley(at)eusd.net
Lori Alguire District Administrative Assistant x1100 lori.alguire(at)eusd.net