Early Intervention Program



If you are inquiring into the Early Intervention Program (EIP) in Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) for your child, if you haven’t done so already, please contact us at 760-944-4300 x 1145. The EIP serves preschool children ages 3-4, with disabilities and who require Special Education Services.

You are very important in the process that will determine eligibility and needs for your child. The process starts with your recent inquiry, then moves to an assessment of your child, a determination of his/her eligibility, the development of an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), and the provision of appropriate special educational services. Each step in this process is mandated by law, governed by timelines and designed to fully include you as parents.

Below is a link to our online registration packet. This was developed to assure the sharing of information critical to obtaining a clear understanding of your child and the difficulties he/she is presently experiencing.

The first step in this process is providing the district with the following documentation:

*Please note all of the following items must be completed, signed and returned to the Early Intervention Program before the EIP Team can proceed to the assessment phase:

Preschool Registration for Assessment Forms – fillable PDF
 Copy of Birth Certificate or valid passport
 Copy of Immunization Records
Annual Notifications -For your records

EUSD welcomes you as an important and critical member of our Special Education team and is committed to a partnership that will ultimately result in greater success for your child. Please print and keep a copy of this packet for your records.

The team has carefully thought out this referral packet with a desire to answer your questions and move the process along in a timely manner. If there are areas of this packet that you do not understand, or if you require assistance in completing the forms, please call 760-944-4300 ext. 1145.

Please email, fax, mail or hand deliver all required forms and information to:

eMail: EIP@eusd.net

Fax: 760-942-9471

Mail: Encinitas Union School District
101 South Rancho Santa Fe
Encinitas, CA 92024
Attention: Pupil Personnel Services / EIP

The EIP team looks forward to meeting with you and working together in partnership to serve the educational needs of your child.


Encinitas Union School District Early Intervention Team