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One to One Digital Learning Program​

The Encinitas Union School District is proud to announce that the EUSD One to One Digital Learning Program has been selected once again as an Apple Distinguished Program for 2015 through 2017.

One to One Learning Program Participation Agreement for Students and Parents

Distinguished Program Book 2013 – 2015

Through the support of the community by the passage of Prop P in 2010, the Encinitas Union School District has created a program that maximizes the use of technology to increase students’ engagement in their learning, while providing real time formative and summative data on student performance to teachers. Starting in 2013 the district adopted digital curriculum in Math, Language Arts and Science that provides a deeper connection to their learning and a bridge to the National Common Core Standards being adopted this year in the district.

Every student in the district will receive an iPad for his or her educational use during the school year. We’ve seen great success in our students’ engagement in the classroom with the integration of digital learning by our teachers. 

Students have the option of using a district-owned iPad or their own personal one. Students using their own personal device will have more flexibility. They’ll have their iPads on breaks and over the summer and won’t be restricted from downloading additional apps. Regardless of student’s use of a district-owned or personally-owned device, all students will have access to a standard suite of apps that will be used in the classroom for their education.

Digital Curriculum Programs
The district has standardized Common Core aligned digital curriculum programs in Math, Language Arts and Science. In addition to the curriculum programs, the district provides access to an online assessment system with a Common Core item bank, file sharing and management with Google Drive and Hapara Teacher Dashboard and Edmodo for a Learning Management System.

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