When thank you isn’t enough…

Sometimes a simple thank you is not enough.┬áSometimes the kindness given is so profound and widespread that there aren’t sufficient words to express the gratitude felt. This is how it felt to me last week as I watched staff appreciation week unfold.

The days of a teacher (and any school employee) are filled with responding to needs on a minute by minute basis. Needs of students, parents, colleagues, the school, etc. Plans are developed and scheduled every day, and teachers are ready at a moment’s notice to completely change those plans based on the needs that emerge, sometimes without any notice. This leaves little time for anything other than teaching and responding to the immediate needs of students. I say this because our teachers spend very little time tending to their own needs. You’ve probably heard a teacher joke at some point or another about this (for example, finding a couple minutes to use the restroom).

Last week at LCH, our staff were showered with thank you’s and acts of kindness. The collective efforts from parents across our school to show our staff how much they are appreciated left an incredible impact. Truly, when thank you’s are received, I can tell you with wholehearted vigor, they are cherished and give staff a renewed energy. The kindness and effort from our community was unparalleled. I know there are no words to express the gratitude in my heart for the kindness shown to LCH staff. It is with great sincerity, on behalf of all the staff at LCH, that I say thank you to every student and parent at LCH.

It isn’t the ‘things’ that mean so much – it is instead the effort and kind words that are spoken throughout the week. I see every day how hard our staff works, and I know that after a week like last week they genuinely feel appreciated!