“Wheel” at La Costa Heights


Meet our new wheel teachers in this video!


La Costa Heights offers “wheel” to all of our students every week. This unique enrichment program enhances the education for all our students. Weekly, our students rotate through four different 35 minute classes during wheel. They include:


Science Lab









VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts)














Physical Education










Health & Wellness























These enrichment classes are funded through a combination of financial support from the school district and also parent donations at the site level.

While our students are in these enrichment classes our grade level teachers spend time collaborating on curriculum and instruction. Teachers work on developing lessons and units aligned to our standards, creating and calibrating with student assessments, developing learning plans for students with unique needs, and more. This time is extraordinarily valuable and absolutely contributes directly to the success of our students at all grade levels.

In recent years, our school has been recognized twice at the state level for this fabulous program. In 2016 La Costa Heights was recognized as a California Gold Ribbon School and in 2014 La Costa Heights was recognized as a California Distinguished School. With both awards, our application was written about our wheel program and the success our school sees with academics as a result of this outstanding program.

If you have any interest in contributing financially to support our wheel program, you can do so via contributions either directly to our school or to our PTA.