Summer Construction and Upgrades

It is time for LCH’s modernization, and wow….we have so much to be excited about! Here’s an overview of what is to come:

  • New carpet
  • Solar tube lighting¬†installation
  • New 21st century learning student furniture
  • 8 new classrooms (with rooms 601-606 being removed)
  • New 1st & 2nd grade playground (in a new location – over where the volleyball net is typically set up) with new grass and blacktop play area in that area…This playground may not be installed into a few weeks into the school year due to the need to finish the construction first.
  • Outdoor classroom space under the solar panels on the blacktop
  • Expanding space for our special day classes
  • New flooring in student bathrooms
  • Addition of a teacher work room space with copy rooms (parents are welcome to use this also!)
  • New landscaping plan and garden areas around campus (Keep your eye out for a garden work day to plant some of these spaces, as we are intentionally waiting for planting until after the summer construction crews are complete.)
  • Addition of a Nutrition Lab
  • Addition of an Innovation Lab

It is going to be a BUSY summer getting all of these things completed. Our teachers will be packing up their classrooms so the work can be completed (and they can get out of the way as quickly as possible for the crews).

Such an exciting time! Yah!