LCH Staff Advisors: Shannon Schenkhuizen and Kelli Haggerty

Students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade are invited to apply for and participate in Film Guild each year.

During Film Guild students learn about film making and are coached and supported in creating their own films either individually or in partners or small groups.

All students are encouraged to submit completed films to film competitions including:

LCH has had enormous success with our student film makers!

Check out our 2020 LCH Films!

  • Solar iPad (click HERE)
    • California Student Media Festival ~ GRAND RECOGNITION
    • California Student Media Festival Winner ~ Media and Information Literacy Award
    • EUSD Film Guild Award Winner ~ STEM
    • iVIE Awards Nominee
  • My Journey Through 6th Grade (click HERE)
    • EUSD Film Guild Winner ~ Inspirational
    • iVIE Awards Nominee
  • Dream Vacation (click HERE)
    • CA Media Festival Nominee
    • EUSD Film Guild Winner ~ Best Visual Effects
    • iVIE Awards Nominee
  • Literacy is Essential (click HERE)
    • iVIE Awards Nominee
  • Attention Getter (click HERE)
    • iVIE Awards Nominee
  • Everyone Can Help (click HERE)
    • iVIE Awards Nominee
  • Quarantine Tips (click HERE)
    • iVIE Awards Nominee