Emergency Vehicles

This afternoon shortly before dismissal several students and staff members smelled a strong odor resembling gas on campus. Never taking student safety for granted, we contacted emergency personnel to come and ensure our campus was safe. The fire department responded immediately (as most of our families saw as they pulled in right at dismissal!) to investigate. By the time they arrived the odor had dissipated. Nonetheless they investigated and used a gas detection device to ensure everything was safe. In the end, the fire department determined this was a false alarm – which is great news!

Big thank you to our local fire department for being so responsive and for always being available to come and ensure our campus and students are safe. Also, to our students and staff for noticing so that we could be on top of it. And, finally to our parents who remained calm even while seeing the emergency vehicles on campus and not knowing what was going on!

I am so grateful to live and work in an area where we come together as a community as we do!

Thank you!