Construction Update

Summer is coming to a close for everyone and I could not be more excited to have school resume on Monday! As you probably know, we have been under some pretty serious construction this summer, and I am incredibly impressed with the quantity of work that all the crews were able to accomplish in just eight weeks.

Here’s a brief overview:

  1. New student furniture – and wow, they are gong to LOVE it!
  2. New carpet across the entire campus
  3. New solar tube lighting everywhere it could be installed! This upgrade is one of my favorites!
  4. Eight new classrooms (four 2nd grade, two 3rd grade, Science Lab, and VAPA)
  5. New tile floors in all the bathrooms
  6. Exterior doors painted blue
  7. New teacher work room
  8. New fire alarm system


As you can imagine, this was a daunting task to complete all of the above in less than eight weeks of summer. I am extremely grateful that all of the above was completed. This weekend I will be on campus working, supporting teachers, and being available for any questions…yes, I expect many or even most of our teachers will work through the weekend to ensure their classrooms are set up and welcoming for Monday morning.

There are a couple large projects still yet to be completed. The first is our playground for our 1st ad 2nd graders. We know this wouldn’t be done in time for the start of the school year since it couldn’t happen simultaneously with the construction. I am optimistic our new playground will be up and ready for kids in the next few weeks.

Another project that hasn’t been completed is our Nutrition Lab. This project has a similar timeline as the playground – and I expect it to be done within another month or so.

I am so proud to work in a district that models continuous improvement and am looking forward to all the dust being swept away. Your children will have lovely classrooms to come to on Monday, the 21st. The outside areas of our campus is in need of quite a bit of cleaning. Our custodial staff are going to be working hard the next few days to get all of that completed. In addition, our planter beds are getting ready to have a ton of installation of educational garden areas. (We have a garden work day scheduled for September 10th – please come and lend a hand!)

Your forgiveness of theĀ dust that is still around our campus right now is amazing. Thank you so much for your understanding. Next time you are on campus please take some time to walk around and see all of it! All our students are going to benefit greatly from the furniture and solar tubes on a daily basis!

I will be in touch again in the next couple days with some detailed information about the coming year. Thank you all so very much!