CAASPP Data for 2017

In the last couple days you may have seen in the news information about California and CAASPP data. What is this? Well, it’s the state testing that all our 3rd-6th graders participate in each spring.

LCH data shows our students learning at high levels, with great success, and our data showing increased learning happening at our school. In short, we did GREAT! Overall, our final CAASPP scores are:

ELA – 78.72% at or above grade level expectations (increased 3.72% from 2016)

Math – 77.95 approaching or below grade level expectations. (increased 5.95% from 2016)

Here is a link to the website where you can look more closely at our test scores.

As you can see, we have much to celebrate with these increases. All that being said, I want to ensure we keep our focus on all the evidence of learning that we see at LCH, not just numbers on a test. To do this, we should talk about all the incredible learning experiences our students at LCH access on a daily basis. To name just a few…Wheel (including Spanish, PE, Science Lab, and VAPA), Yoga, Garden, Action Teams, EUSD Farm Lab, Civics Learning, Goal Setting, Field Trips, and so on and so on. All our classrooms are motivated and excited to create personalized learning experiences for students at LCH. And, Leader in Me has paved the course for this journey in so many ways! As we talk about personalized learning (something that you see in the media if you read educational research), our teachers and students are primed for this paradigm because of our pre-work with Leader in Me. (I’ll write a blog about this at a later date.)

The media has been reporting on what some are describing as a no-growth year with data state-wide. And, while the numbers say, I am not sure that conclusions that are being hypothesized are what our conversations should be about.  We cannot, nor should we, attempt to conjecture about what is and isn’t working based on one assessment one year. Nor should we conjecture that there is something wrong with the test. And, on the flip side, we should be sure to ask these questions! I have found that as long as our efforts are intended to support students (not look for people or programs to blame or criticize), then the conversation can be powerful and ripe with opportunities. Giant shifts in instructional practices, tools, standards, etc. all are giant transitions. Education is people, and there is a lot of change that educators have tackled in recent years. Expecting dramatic changes so soon is surprising to me. Change is a process, and that process is about improvement. And, therefore, we won’t ever be done. My message when asked about testing is that I am grateful that we have a much improved assessment at the end of each year. And, that as educators we spend time analyzing the CAASPP data and also the plethora of evidence we see in our school every day. We don’t shy away from the hard conversations, nor do we stop trying to improve. Any new anything takes time to see how it will impact. And, based on ALL the evidence of learning at LCH, I am extremely excited to share that we have so much to celebrate because of the depth of learning for our LCH students.

I’ve included here the CAASPP Parent for your reference.

CAASPP Parent Flyer