Incident at Park Dale Lane

Dear LCH families,

Yesterday, a parent at Park Dale Lane reported that a female stranger told her child at the afternoon pick-up that the mom wanted her to pick up the child.  The child reportedly said no and ran to the other gate.

As of yet there is no information about the investigation from the sheriff or other agencies, so we do not as of yet even know the facts of the case, but given the nature of the report, I am passing along what was reported. The woman’s description is as follows: Pale Caucasian, Brown straight hair, about 5’7″ tall, wearing a dress.

Our staff is aware, and as a precaution there will be additional safety measures in place. If we become aware of anything from the Sheriff or other agencies that we are advised to share with families, we will do as soon as we have that information.

Please contact the office if you have any questions.


Principal Kay