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Web Content Filtering

Web Content Filtering

Web Content Filtering, promoting safety for our children

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Web Content Filtering.  The Encinitas Union School District devotes an enormous amount of resources to provide the safest possible experience for children learning to navigate the ever growing and near limitless mountain of information available on the World Wide Web.

As wonderful as our technology-based solutions for Web Content Filtering are, with the ever changing nature of content available on the Internet, it is always important to understand that no filter is as robust and reliable as the watchful eyes of a supervising adult.  Still, the Information Technology and Educational Services Department work tirelessly to continually update allowed and blocked content to aid teachers in safeguarding what is viewable to students through their District-issued device.  This begs the question; “What safeguards are in place when your child leaves the classroom?”

Rest assured, the same ‘best-of-breed’ iBoss Content Filter is active even when your child is connected to the Internet with their District-issued iPad from locations other than their normal school campus, like home.

You can often spot very clear indicators that demonstrate that the Web Content Filtering is working, such as attempting to navigate to social media websites, very limited YouTube and Google image search results, keyword blocking, and more.

Please remember, the Internet is a vast and amazing resource, but not all of it is appropriate for children.  If there is any explicit content that you spot, please report it to your child’s teacher or the Information Technology Department immediately, and if there is content that is inadvertently blocked that would serve as a valuable educational resource for the students in our District, please report that as well.

We are committed to always putting children first in the Encinitas Union School District. Thank you for visiting.

Nathan Short, MBA, BSCE
Director, Information Technology