Capri students collecting trash.

Capri students create their award winning "Plant Protect" film on recycling soft plastics

Green Initiatives
The Board of Trustees of the Encinitas Union School District identified Green Initiatives as a key theme and committed the district to expanding its efforts in energy conservation and to be a partner in the district’s comprehensive Health and Wellness Program. The Green Team of the Encinitas Union School District is comprised of parents, staff and community members. It was first formed in 2009 under the leadership of Superintendent Timothy Baird.
The committee has been responsible for the implementation of green initiatives districtwide. Students, staff and parents are active farmers of our school gardens and farms. Outdoor science labs are now commonplace. Recycling is fully integrated throughout the school day with the greatest advance being the introduction of SCRAP Carts for lunch waste to be recycled and appropriate food products used for composting.

For a video about t​he SCRAP cart, click here

School restrooms now have high efficiency hand dryers to reduce the need for paper towels. Every school site has a water bottle filling station in the lunch area and students are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle rather than plastic, disposable bottles. 

Each school site has a chemical-free cleaning system that turns tap water into a powerful cleaning medium. The electrically charged water kills germs as effectively as toxic disinfectants without the environmental impacts that come with the packaging of traditional cleaners.

Proposition P funds are making it possible to start the next phase of going green with the installation of solar tubes in all classrooms for more natural lighting and solar energy panels to cut power costs and support renewable energy. 
We welcome all of our parents and community members to share in our District’s goal to become a model for children nationwide in respecting and protecting the world we live in!
If you would like to get involved or have an idea you would like to share, please contact our Green Team.