Vision Statement

Our Vision is to develop confident, competent, compassionate, competitive, and creative students. Our commitment is to provide a child-centered education of the highest quality. By utilizing the unique resources of home, school, and community, we seek to ensure a nurturing learning environment that values diversity and is rigorous in academic standards.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to incorporate our vision into our daily school activities to the greatest extent possible. By modeling what we expect, we provide a child-centered education that helps our students become self-directed learners, quality producers, collaborative team members, effective communicators, constructive thinkers and problem solvers, and responsible members of society.

To create Self-Directed Learners, we understand and meet the needs of individual students. We encourage independent decision making and expect that students take responsibility for their own learning. We extend the responsibility of learning beyond the school day with relevant homework.

To create Quality Producers, we establish high standards and teach successful attainment of those standards. We incorporate technology into all aspects of the curriculum.

To create Collaborative Team Members, we develop and reward cooperative skills. We balance teamwork with individual responsibilities and create opportunities for all students to experience leadership roles.

To create Effective Communicators, we teach interpersonal skills and develop students’ abilities in the writing process. We develop students’ confidence in voicing their thoughts and opinions.

 To create Constructive Thinkers and Problem Solvers, we provide opportunities for hands-on, interactive activities. We encourage original thoughts and products and present multi-faceted investigations.

To create Responsible Members of Society, we help students develop compassion and respect for others. We help students believe in themselves by recognizing their uniqueness.

Our Tenets
  • We believe our school should be a safe and secure environment.
  • We believe that children should be valued and respected for their individual gifts and diversity.
  • We believe that learning should be enjoyable, and that life-long learning should be a goal for every person.
  • We are committed to providing an environment for all children that promotes self-esteem and self-worth.