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Gerry Devitt

Gerry Devitt
Director of Facilities, Maintenance, Operations and Grounds

Facilities, Maintenance, Operations and Grounds

Our Facilities, Maintenance, Operations and Grounds Department provides leadership and oversight for all facility needs, planning, new construction, remodels, and upgrades. The department is also responsible for custodial upkeep of nine school sites and the district office site.

Contacts and Information
If you have questions about our facilities and/or projects under construction at school sites, please feel free to contact Gerry Devitt, Director of Facilities, Maintenance, Operations & Grounds at 760.944.4300, ext. 1126. You may also contact Administrative Services assistance at 760.944.4300, ext. 1183.

Department Directory: 760.944.4300
Facilities, Maintenance Operations and Grounds

Department Extensions

Name Position Extension Email
​Gerry Devitt Director, Maintenance, Operations & Facilities 1183 ​gerry.devitt@eusd.net
Roque Ramos Skilled Maintenance Worker 1183 roque.ramos@eusd.net
​​Ezra Medico Maintenance Lead Person 1183 ​​ezra.medico@eusd.net
Drew Martin Skilled Maintenance Worker 1183 ​drew.martin@eusd.net
Matt Jones Grounds Maintenance Worker 1183 matt.jones@eusd.net
​Steve Williams Skilled Maintenance Worker 1183 steve.williams@eusd.net
​Victor Gutierrez Skilled Maintenance Worker 1183 victor.gutierrez@eusd.net
Eric Smith Groundskeeper Lead Person 1183 eric.smith@eusd.net
​Kurt Kuykendall Grounds/Maintenance Worker 1183 ​kurt.kuykendall@eusd.net
​Marcial Morales Grounds/Maintenance Worker 1183 ​marcial.morales@eusd.net
​Rich Crowe Grounds/Maintenance Worker 1183 ​rich.crowe@eusd.net
Sam Cardenas Skilled Maintenance Worker 1183 ​sam.cardenas@eusd.net