Dear Parents and Community Members,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site! El Camino Creek Elementary, a 2014 California Distinguished School and the newest school in the district, opened in August of 2000. We are a K-6 school, serving a student population of approximately 874 students from the neighborhoods of La Costa Valley, Rancho Ponderosa, and Santa Fe Trails in southern Carlsbad as well as the neighborhoods of Bridgewater and Willow Creek in the Encinitas area. The founding members of the ECC learning community established our school upon five guiding principles: standards-based instruction, team collegiality, brain research, knowledge workers, and technology.

Our teachers work tirelessly to deliver rigorous, engaging, standards-based lessons to their students each and every day. They understand the importance of creating lessons that are aligned with state standards and have the embedded goal of providing our students with the knowledge base necessary for scoring at the Proficient level on the annual CAASPP (CAlifornia Assessment of Student Performance and Progress) assessment. Our teachers ensure that our students not only understand the content of the standards being taught at each grade level, but how levels of mastery will be measured at year’s end. Parents are kept apprised of individual student progress through standards-based report cards, parent-teacher conferences, and information disseminated at Back-To-School Night. Both the ECC and the EUSD websites offer additional parent information on state standards as well as CAASPP testing information and assessment results.
In an effort to provide quality time for each grade level team to meet and collaborate on a regular basis, our weekly schedule includes a modified day with early student dismissal. Every Friday our teachers meet as a team to discuss student work, student assessments, and to create a strategic plan for monitoring and improving student achievement.
Keeping abreast of the most up-to-date research on acceleration and differentiation, remains a focus for our teachers. They continuously strive to gain knowledge from conferences and educational publications highlighting those factors which help to facilitate optimum student achievement. As new information is gathered and shared, ECC teachers are enthusiastic about modifying individual teaching strategies as needed to better serve the diverse needs of our very bright and engaged student population.
Community service projects provide our students with marvelous opportunities to grow and learn. From these experiences, our children are able to take with them a better understanding of what it takes to overcome adversity and to live a life of purpose. They become effective problem solvers and as well as valued members of a society that values integrity, respect for others, and a strong work ethic. Our teachers provide the support and positive feedback necessary for our children to become risk-takers and to persevere in achieving their goals.
As part of our technology standards, our students routinely create and present multimedia presentations to their classmates and to parent and community audiences. Our students are learning to use integrated technology to further increase their understanding of the content and curriculum. They use the Internet as a research tool for completing research reports and for gathering information and data as part of various group projects. ECC continuously upgrades and improves our technology in an effort to provide our students with the ability to compete successfully as 21st-century leaders.
As a result of the tremendous support we receive from our parent and business community members, we are proud to say that El Camino Creek is a learning environment devoted to providing our children with the academic rigor and the character building opportunities necessary to create lives reflecting confidence, integrity, and a greater sense of purpose!
Jodi Greenberger