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Common Core State Standards

Educational standards describe what students should know and be able to do in each subject in each grade. In August, 2010, the California State Board of Education adopted a new set of standards called the California Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The Common Core State Standards will replace our existing California Content Standards around which we currently wrap our curriculum and instruction. Unlike our traditional standards, the Common Core State Standards take learning beyond the skills acquisition level, requiring students to also analyze, explain and apply new learning.

However, it takes several years to implement curriculum, instructional materials and assessments based on new standards. The California Department of Education (CDE) Implementation Plan recommends rolling out the CCSS in three phases: Awareness, Transition and Implementation. This year (2016 – 2017) EUSD is in year three of fully implementing Common Core State Standards.

The following are resources that will provide additional information about California Common Core State Standards:

​​Link ​​Description​​
​Foundational Beliefs

Provides an overview ​of educational services initiatives and programs, Common Core State Standards, and district awards/recognition.

Information for Parents about the Smarter Balance Practice and Field Tests​

​Parent information on the Smarter Balance Practice and Field Tests.

Click here to watch the California Department of Education Parent and Student Information Video.

California Common Core State Standards – ELA (English)

​This document includes CCSS for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects for grades K – 5th. (Grade 6 – 12 will be available soon).
​Estándares Comunes de Estardo – ELA (Estudio del Idioma) ​Este sitio de internet proporciona traducción al español de los Estandares Comunes de California, para Estudios del Idioma y Alfabetización en Historia Sociales, Ciencia, Materias Técnicas para los grados de kinder a 5to. (Grados de 6to. a 12avo. Estarán disponibles muy pronto).
​California Common Core State Standards – Mathematics ​This document includes CCSS for Mathematics

​CCSS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

​Provides a list of several questions and responses that address the background of CCSS, professional learning for staff, curriculum and instructional materials used to support CCSS, assessment, college and career readiness and technology.

Common Core Search​

​​Provides a collection of resources to support implementation of CCSS.

​​Next Generation Science Standards​ ​​On September 4, 2013, the State Board of Education (SBE) adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for California Public Schools, Kindergarten through Grade Twelve as required by California Education Code 60605.85.
Smarter Balance Tests ​This web site provides information about the test, called Smarter Balance, that will be adminsitered to students. Information about fielding testing the Smarter Balance Tests and practice test sample questions for grades 3 – 8 and 11 in the subject areas of English language arts and mathematics are available.
​Smarter Balance Practice Tests ​The Smarter Balance Practice Tests are now available for grades three through eight and grade eleven in English-language arts and mathematics. The Practice Tests provide a preview of the Smarter Balanced assessments but not reflect the full range of content that students may encounter on the actual assessments.
Sample Items and Performance Tasks ​The samples on the Smarter Balance web site illustrates the rigor and complexity of the English-language arts/literacy and mathematics items and performance tasks students will encounter on the Smarter Balance assessments.
Smarter Balance FAQs​​​​ Provides several questions and responses that address the Smarter Balance sample test items and performance tasks.
Recommended Literature List This web site will provide recommended literature for pre-kindergarten – grade twelve students that align with CCSS. It will also help students prepare for college, a career and the challenges of a changing world.​​

Common Core Documents

Acquire, Analyze, and Apply by Dr. Baird, EUSD Superintendent

Common Core State Standards

Estándares Estatales Básicos Comunes

Myths about EUSD Mathematics