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Encinitas Union School District’s goals for Health and Wellness center on improving student’s physical, mental, and overall health and wellness while providing students with techniques, habits, and training for lifelong health and wellness. The district acknowledges the strong relationship between students’ health and learning, and is committed to providing an environment where students and staff are supported in making healthy choices for lifelong health.

Healthy Classroom Celebrations

Birthdays and classroom celebrations are great opportunities to promote a healthy lifestyle, provide consistent messages, and create excitement around nutritious choices at school. In line with the EUSD Wellness Policy and the district’s focus on health and wellness, classroom celebrations will be held once per month, at the end of each month, to celebrate birthdays and any other classroom events. For these celebrations, the district encourages non-food birthday celebrations or healthy snacks for parents to bring in for students. All student birthdays can be celebrated on one day with one big celebration!

Healthy Birthday Celebration Ideas
• Parents can wrap their child’s favorite book in birthday wrapping paper. The child can unwrap the book and the teacher can read it to the class.
• Create a “Celebrate Me” book. Have classmates write stories or poems and draw pictures to describe what’s special about the birthday child.
The Birthday Child can
• Bring their favorite toy to share with the class or one for each student in the class
• Parents can bring non-food treats for the whole class: pencils, stickers, key chains, etc.
• Lead their favorite physical activity outdoors
• Be the teacher’s assistant for the day
• Wear a special crown, sash, button or badge all day
• Choose the class music for writing or independent student time

Healthy Classroom Event Ideas
• Watch an educational video as a class and serve popcorn (air popped)
• Put on some music and have a dance contest or dance party
• Have a gardening party, visit the school garden, plant seeds, etc.
• Make it a learning experience and celebrate the students’ cultural heritage with traditional crafts, games and stories
• Incorporate special guests into the celebrations. For example, invite a parent or special guest to come read a book or talk to the class
• Celebrate with a fun outdoor activity like a kickball game
• Set up activity stations in the classroom and let students choose (twister, bean bag toss, etc.)

Healthy Classroom Snack Ideas
• “Ants on a Log” celery with peanut/almond/sun butter and raisins
• Cut veggies with low fat dip
• Whole wheat pita bread or crackers with hummus or bean dip
• Fruit Kebabs
• Fruit smoothies
• Dried fruit or 100% fruit leathers
• 100% fruit popsicles
• Frozen banana pops- sliced in half, dipped in yogurt and rolled in a whole grain cereal
• String cheese and whole grain crackers
• Build your own mini pizzas with whole grain English muffins and healthy toppings

Healthy Beverage Ideas
Nonfat or Lowfat Milk
100% Fruit Juice
“Spa Water”- water flavored with fruit

Be Mindful of Food Allergies
Each classroom has a list of the allergies that are present in the class. Work together with the teacher and other classroom parents to bring in options that will include all students, even those with allergies.

Tips for Parents & Teachers:
• Work together to plan your monthly celebrations- class parents, work with your teacher and other parents to plan activities and/or healthy snacks
• Come up with a list of fun celebration ideas
• Keep food allergies in mind and work with other parents to come up with food ideas that will include all students

Interested in CNS Catering your next classroom or school event? Please contact Lea Bonelli, Director of Child Nutrition Services for more information or check out our Food Celebrations Order form for more deatils on items available for purchase:

Food Celebrations Order Form

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