Field Trip Meals

Did you know that EUSD Child Nutrition can provide delicious, nutritious “on-the-go” lunches for class field trips? Parents, this gives you a break from having to pack a lunch for field trip days, all you have to do is order a field trip lunch from the school cafeteria!

To pre-order a field trip lunch for your child’s next class field trip, you simply need to fill out the Parent Consent Form for Field Trip/Field Trip Lunch Request Form. This form can be given to the teacher or office staff. Please fill out and return this form no later than 4 days prior to the field trip date.

If your child(ren) is eligible for free or reduced price lunches, they will receive the sack lunch under the same eligibility that they receive their regular lunches. (For example: a student eligible for reduced price lunches will receive his/her lunch for $0.40 and those eligible for free lunch will receive a free lunch.) If your child is a paid student, you will need to include payment with this form when you submit it to the school.

Each sack lunch includes the following: Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwich, Whole Grain tortilla chips, carrots, fresh fruit and milk.

Link to Field Trip Parent Consent Form:English/Viaje de campo consentimiento de los padres


Teacher Procedures:

Lunches are available for all students; payment is required based on the student’s meal eligibility. The school’s Cafeteria staff will charge the student’s account appropriately.

4 Days prior to your field trip:

  • Complete and submit the Field Trip Lunch Notification Roster that lists all students that will be needing a lunch for the field trip. Give form to CNS kitchen staff.
  • Attach all student Field Trip Lunch Request Forms that have been filled out by student’s parents. We need these forms to confirm orders.
    Notify your Cafeteria Site Leader immediately if event is cancelled

The Day of the Field Trip:

  • Pick up your meals in the kitchen or staff lounge refrigerator (wherever lunches are stored at your site)
  • *Note: a cooler will be provided to keep the lunches cold but the lunches are safe to be held at room temperature (in backpacks or out of the cooler).
  • Bring the Field Trip Notification Roster copy provided by the CNS staff with the lunches on the field trip.

During Lunch:

  • Use the Class Roster as the Check-Off List of student’s names that received a meal.
  • If a student decides not to eat the meal that was ordered, please place leftover lunches back in the cooler to bring back to the cafeteria.

After Lunch when you return to school:

  • Place any remaining shelf stable lunches back into the kitchen or staff lounge where you picked them up


  • Submit the Field Trip Notification Roster to your CNS staff (or the Nutrition mailbox in the office).


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