Friendship Garden at Paul Ecke Central


Free Meals for All Students for the  2020-21 School Year

Child Nutrition Services will be offering FREE meals to all students throughout the school day, both in the lunch line and 5-day meal bags for full-distance learners (Cloud Campus).

Free meals will be offered for the entire 2020-21 school year. Adults, staff, and visitors can still purchase lunch for $5.00.

Free Hot Lunch will be served on all school campuses for EUSD students (Monday – Friday) in a Grab & Go fashion as students leave campus. Meals will be taken to go and will be consumed off campus. These meals are only avaible to EUSD students that attend school that day. We will offer scratch-made, fresh HOT entrees daily with a variety of fruit & vegetable sides! 

Free Breakfast will be served before school at Paul Ecke Central and Ocean Knoll Elementary, in the student lunch area.

Free Bulk 5-Day Meal Bags  for Full Distance Learners (Cloud Campus) and Non-EUSD Studenst Ages 2-18 Years: This includes 5 days of breakfast and lunch to be picked up Fridays at El Camino Creek Elementary from 11:00 am- 12:00 pm (to the left of the front office).

  • Free for all Non-EUSD children ages 2-18 years. Students that attend EUSD in person are not eligible to pick up these meal bags since they are also eating daily on campus.
  • Parents can pick up for children without children present
  • One meal bag per child per week
  • Meals also include a bag of local and seasonal vegetables and fruit (often organic produce from our Farm lab) and fresh milk.
  • Please RSVP each week for these meals by Wednesday at 1 pm to ensure we have enough food for everyone. Families can RSVP via the following link:

We encourage families to fill out free or reduced meal applications for when free meals are discontinued. Please visit to apply online or visit your school office to receive a paper meal application. 

Child Nutrition Services & Green Garden Cafe

Inspired by the thriving gardens found at our nine EUSD schools and our very own certified organic Farm Lab, Green Garden Cafe was created to serve students fresh food that they need to grow and succeed. From organic Farm Lab produce on the salad bar to regionally sourced proteins, Green Garden Cafe is providing students with nourishing foods that you can feel good about.

Child Nutrition is committed to providing healthy foods with the highest quality ingredients possible to students in the district. We strictly source the food that we serve to our students, never using ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, trans fats and hydrogenated oils, hormones and antibiotics in animal production and artificial sweeteners.

Our student lunch menus change monthly, featuring a variety of seasonal and local scratch-made entrees. Check out the new menus to see the selections offered to students each day. An unlimited salad bar is available with every school meal. The daily salad bar includes organic lettuce sourced from local and regional farms, Harvest of the Month produce on Wednesdays and a variety of salad dressings (including gluten free options). Some of our more popular, freshly-made entrees include:

  • Pasta Bolognese: made with organic grassfed beef from Northern California and pasta sauce made with organic tomatoes and herbs from the EUSD Farm Lab.
  • Scratch-made Pizzas of all kinds: dough made fresh daily in our kitchen using whole wheat flour and marinara sauce made with organic tomatoes and herbs from the EUSD Farm Lab.
  • Chicken Fajita Tacos: organic free-range chicken from Northern California seasoned with our special house blend of spices, served on a corn or flour tortilla and topped with roasted bell peppers.
  • EUSD “California” Burrito: our spin on a California burrito, made with grass fed organic beef and Farm lab organic roasted sweet potatoes.
  • Scratch-made burritos, pastas and sandwiches are a huge hit with students as well!
  • A variety of vegetarian and gluten free options are offered throughout the week. You can find these items by special symbol designation on each menu.

Between yoga programs, school gardens and a thriving certified Organic Farm (the first in the nation on a school district campus), wellness is a major focus for the Encinitas Union School District. EUSD’s former Superintendent Timothy Baird shared,Our goal is to serve the highest quality, best tasting, healthiest meals possible!”

Department Directory: 760.944.4300

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Lea Bonelli, MS RDN Child Nutrition Director 2570
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Kammy Amberg Child Nutrition Specialist 2571
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Aubrey Stiffler Accounting Assistant 2572