Capri Elementary School frontage road signage

Vision Statement

Capri School is a community of learners where everyone is successful through the learning process. Capri School facilitates learning in harmony with a community of differing abilities and talents. Capri meets the needs of the diverse multicultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic community through ongoing evaluation, modification and improvement of instructional strategies.

Capri children have a sense of belonging and self-worth and share a responsibility for their own learning. They embrace social responsibility, service to the community, and membership in positive groups. Children appreciate the natural environment and strive to protect and preserve it.

Capri graduates are true contributors to society. They are committed to lifelong, self-directed learning and are independent thinkers who are able to work collaboratively. Capri graduates are highly proficient readers and writers. They have mastered the basic math concepts and problem solving strategies and are able to apply and utilize these skills in real life.

Capri builds on the concept of high performance learning in a nurturing environment. It prepares children for the technological world. It teaches tolerance for and the acceptance of individual differences. Capri embraces inclusion of special education children and the idea of accelerated learning with the highest of expectations for all students. It promotes confidence, fosters creativity, recognizes and encourages all learning styles and levels. Capri believes that good teaching promotes a desire for learning and encourages a safe environment where students feel free to take risks.

Capri School is the hub of its community. The staff shares responsibility with all parents for the education of the children. Capri is proud of the strong partnership between staff and parents. Both the community and the school are enhanced by the exchange in this partnership.

 Mission Statement

Our Students will become . . .

Self-Directed Learners
* show initiative
* pursue improvement
* goal oriented achievers
* competent users of technologies
* self assessors
* independent workers
* able to manage and research information
* appreciative of the arts
* intrinsically achieve in pursuit of personal enjoyment
Responsible Members of Society
* community service
* civic and social skills
* self-confident and ethical
* physically and emotionally healthy and resilient
* awareness and exploration of career and educational opportunities
* integrity
* respectful of the environment
* global perspective
Collaborative Team Members
* collaborative work using cooperative leadership skills
* sensitive and appreciative of diversity
* tolerant of other points of view
Quality Producers
* take pride in their work
* set, meet and maintain high standards
* seek continued improvement
Effective Communicators
* respectful, compassionate
* communicate in more than one language
* speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
Constructive Thinkers and Problem Solvers
* critical thinkers
* decision makers
* innovative and creative