Testing DNA

Second graders extract the DNA from a strawberry

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Purchases should not be made or delivered prior to a Purchase Order being received by vendor
  • Consultant Agreements must be completed and PO issued before work commences
  • Allow 7-9 days for all PR’s to be processed – approval routing time impacts length of processing
  • The more details you provide when ordering items the better – and less emails from Purchasing to verify
  • Mail/Email/Fax confirmations or quotes at the time you submit PR
  • Include shipping/freight charges in note field, not as additional line item
  • Please note any special payment terms in the notes field (e.g. “Deposit required” or “Please invoice PTA”)
  • To assist with expedite urgent PR’s, email Purchasing so it is on our radar to help
  • W-9 forms are needed if you have new vendor
  • Consultant Agreements must be completed and PO issued before work commences
  • Upon receipt of goods, you should attach all receiving documents to your “RECEIVING COPY” of the PO with date of receipt, if no packing slip included note that on your receiving copy as well
  • Send all receiving documents to Purchasing
  • No need to write “OK to Pay” on Receiving Copy since this does not trigger payment by Accounts Payable (AP)
  • During the fall, please submit annual ongoing PO’s for events such as BizTown and 6th Grade Camp to ensure buses and facilities are reserved in advance
  • First, ensure that the product can’t be obtained from any other vendor in our database
  • Contact the vendor and ask if they accept Purchase Orders
  • If yes, obtain a W-9, phone and fax numbers, and email address to send the Purchase Order to
  • Send W-9 and other requested information to Purchasing Asst. so vendor can be added to the database

Can I submit my purchase requisition without the supplier information?

  • You can create a purchase requisition without a supplier.
  • In the Add Comments section on your purchase requisition, add: New Vendor. Information sent to Purchasing Asst. in the Business Services Department
  1. Ensure the conference host is a vendor. If they are not, go to New Vendor FAQ.
  2. Complete a hard copy requisition. See attached sample.
  3. Complete the Conference / Travel Request form.
  4. Have teacher(s) print copy of conference information and attach to the requisition and Conference / Travel Request form.
  5. If the teacher(s) has registered to attend a conference, attach a copy of the registration confirmation.
  6. Send all paperwork mentioned above to the Accountant in the Business Services Department at the District Office for approval. If the conference is being billed to the Educational Services Department, send to the Executive Assistant for the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for approval. 


How long does it take for my Conference / Travel Request paperwork to be approved and a PO created?

  1. Once received by the Business Services Department, it takes approximately 2 weeks to process from the time it is received to completion of the PO. If other approvals are needed, it can take an additional week.


What if my teacher(s) decide to attend a conference at the last minute?

  1. Email the Purchasing Manager, Purchasing Clerk, Accountant, and Controller in Business Services stating reason for emergency
  2. Follow instructions above for how to process.
  3. Send to the Accountant in Business Services at the District Office via truck mail or hand deliver, depending on your urgency.
  • Surplus – All spreadsheets and documentation needs to be submitted by April 30 annually
  • Last date to submit PR’s for current year purchase is April 30 annually
  • Last date to submit Stores PR’s for current year is May 31 annually
  • Spreadsheets for Purchasing to place your start of year supplies due by the last Friday of June prior to the Office Manager leaving for summer
  • Last date to submit Print Shop requests for beginning year delivery is the 1st Monday of June
  • Allow 1-3 days for return of Print Shop jobs
  • Important: Name your warehouse PR as WH/CA and please ensure your LOCATION is current in all three areas of PR
  • When submitting a stores requisition through eProcurement, remember to order in the appropriate packaged quantities (confirm the UOM)
  • Allow 3-5 business days for orders to be fulfilled
  • The warehouse pulls orders on Tuesday/Thursday
  • Deliveries are made when possible during a mail run or early mornings if possible
  • Peak ordering times may take up to a week
  • Supplies cannot be picked up in person without completing the PR process
  • Some deliveries may require signature by office staff – we will notify you when special attention is needed for high value or confidential deliveries
  • When Returning Items to District Office – 2+ boxes need to be on a pallet. Please package as if you were sending via USPS/UPS/FedEx. Boxes should not weigh more than 20 pounds each.
  • Securely tape the box and clearly label on the box top and one side.
  • Same procedure should be used when transferring materials from one site to another