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Allowing Students to Prosper In Recreation and Education

The Before and After School Childcare Program, called the ASPIRE Program (Allowing Students to Prosper In Recreation and Education), is available before school from 6:30 AM until school begins and after school (2:20 PM Monday – Thursday, 12:45 PM Friday) until 6:00 PM. Organized activities directed by our staff include painting on various medians, several arts & crafts activities, board games, outdoor games, & other creative activities that keep the children involved and captivated. In addition, our staff supervises a study hour during which students must either complete homework or read a book. Students can get help on homework items simply by asking a staff member. For the younger students in the early reading stages, our staff will take time to read stories and assist them in reading appropriate level books.

If you have questions regarding REGISTRATION, please contact:
(760) 944-4300 x1143

If you have questions regarding BILLING, please contact:
(760) 944-4300 x1143

If you have general ASPIRE / Enrichment questions, please contact:
angie.sterling@eusd.net or
(760) 944-4300 x1147

For all other inquiries, please contact:
Leslie Wright, Coordinator of Enrichment Programs


To provide Encinitas Union School District students with a safe, educational, and nurturing environment for all students attending Encinitas Union School District schools during before and after school hours.


The Encinitas Union School District has a history of excellence in the classroom. The ASPIRE Program strives to be an extension of this outstanding learning environment. Families who utilize our service can rest assured that their children will be looked after in a professional manner.

Our primary goal is to help promote the maximum development of children. This includes their physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and creative self. We have carefully prepared a developmentally appropriate environment which provides a place for your child to feel significant and successful.