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We currently have a bug in this game. The work around for now is to move this objective to the bottom of your curriculum. We hope to have a fix by the time the students reach this game.

The curriculum tab allows a teacher to manage their students’ content. The curriculum is set to a default order based on the major work within the state standards. To rearrange any content, the gray drag-bars on the left of each objective can be used to drag it to another position. See the article about the general principals for re-ordering syllabus content for more information about strategically re-ordering content.

The house symbol to the right of each objective assigns that objective as homework. The computer symbol allows the teacher to un-assign content at school (not recommended most of the time).

After making changes to the curriculum, be sure to click the save button in the upper right corner.

The Homework tab on the left will show what homework has been assigned to the class. This tab can be used to reorder homework so that a student can work on particular material at home, while still working through the curriculum at their own pace at school.

The Optional Objective tab on the left displays all of the optional content available for that grade level. Since these are not required, playing them will not advance a student’s syllabus progress. Some are prerequisite than can be beneficial for struggling students, while others are extension or connection content that may be beneficial for students going through ST Math quickly or to be used after the Challenge objective. Many teachers choose to differentiate for their struggling learners by creating a separate class at the same grade level and using the optional objectives and ordering the objectives strategically. Optional objectives can be assigned for school, home, or both. Since Optional objectives will not earn students any progress points, we generally recommend assigning them at the end of the curriculum.

If a teacher has access to the Fluency program, the settings can be changed from the Fluency System tab.

ST Math chart

ST Math issue not a bug, here is the work-around in the below video.

ST Math Answer for “shoes problem”